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What is Website Management Outsourcing (WMO)?

Website Management Outsourcing (WMO) means to outsource the entire website management process to a third party. The term WMO was utilised in 2006 at a business networking conference in London. It has been popular among UK based companies to outsource their web development, web design and SEO functions to different third party companies but WMO essentially means handing over entire website management processes to a foreign or local WMO company. The outsourced company then hires the services of different web design, web development and online marketing companies to successfully complete the project.

WMO is explicitly designed to help small and medium sized companies that do not have an internal web design and development department. WMO companies offer continuous support on an ongoing basis to these SMEs instead of a per-project basis. The most common examples of WMO include website design, website development, website marketing, website project management and support and maintenance.

Although WMO is a new industry yet it is growing at a whooping rate of 110% annually in the UK. WMO specifically helps SMEs to achieve their goals easily. With the help of WMO, UK based companies do not have to worry about their website development, management and maintenance. A parent company can now sit back, relax and watch its online business grow while a WMO company will be handling and managing all the aspects of its web based business.

Recent surveys indicate that website management outsourcing industry is expected to capture 15% market share by the 4th quarter of 2009. If you run a SME in the UK and want to outsource your website management to a UK based company, you can easily do so with our assistance. We offer free quotes from top UK based WMO companies. Get up to 5 free quotes by filling in a simple form now.

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