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The difference between Bookkeeping Training and Accounting Training

Recent surveys in the UK have indicated a growing demand for bookkeepers in small and medium enterprises. It should not come as a surprise as more and more organizations are assigning the roles, previously held by accountants, to bookkeepers but it must also be understood that bookkeeping training is quite different from accounting training.

Accounting training

The role of an accountant in any organization is more like a financial analyst monitoring the business activities and presenting the aggregated reports and analysis results to the management. An accounting training company in the UK offers techniques of setting up financial systems. In theory, accounting training is same for every setup but when applied practically, there are substantial differences between accounting in large companies and small or medium scale companies in the UK.

A professionally trained accountant in the UK serves usually as a financial analyst monitoring operations, translating results, making predictions and presenting the results to management. The role of an accountant in a small or medium scale company is different because he/she is required to setup a financial system that will fit the company’s needs. He is also required to ensure the integrity of data and formulate the strategies for improving financial processes.

Most accounting training courses in the UK provide information about building and maintaining the financial systems for large setups. The primary skills taught in these trainings are auditing, financial reporting and management. However, these accounting training courses do not emphasize on monitoring daily financial activities and actual data entries.

Bookkeeping training

Bookkeeping training focuses on the maintenance of daily financial processes involving accounts payable, accounts receivable, speciality journals and payroll accounts. In a small or medium scale company, an accountant also performs the jobs of a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping training also provides knowledge about credit, debit, account distribution and problem solving.

A bookkeeping training enables trainees to record and monitor daily financial process and activities. Bookkeeping training also imparts analytical and data presentation skills which are vital for the survival of small and medium scale business in the UK.

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Bookkeeping Training


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