Beautiful and Functional Mobile App Design

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Beautiful and Functional Mobile App Design

Mobile app design may result in a different type of application than web or business app design, but the fundamental principles of effective web or business app design need to be applied to ensure the creation of successful mobile applications. When it comes to designing mobile apps and applications, designers and developers do have more freedom to explore those fun elements of creative design, but there are 3 important rules that should still be followed to ensure that any mobile apps developed feature both a functional and a beautiful mobile application design.

Basic Functionality Still Matters

Mobile apps can be designed and developed to fulfil all sorts of needs and requirements, but no matter who the app in questions is going to be used by, and how it will be used, its design still needs to include those basic and important elements of functionality. Successful mobile applications designs are actually very similar to successful website designs – signposting is clear and easy to follow, there is good use of whitespace and attractive graphic design and the app helps users to achieve the tasks and processes that they need to achieve. No matter how stunning a theoretical mobile app design is likely to look, unless it remains usable it is unlikely to achieve real levels of popularity.

Apps need to be Memorable

With so many mobile apps competing for users’ attentions, particularly those commercial apps that are designed and developed to fulfil a business or organisation’s marketing and advertising needs, applications need to instantly stand out from the crowd. Memorable mobile app design is something that is vital to ensuring a particular mobile app can be immediately differentiated from its competitors. Although the design of the app still needs to incorporate those elements of functionality that are detailed above, there are a number of ways to make a mobile app design more memorable such as changing the way that content is structured or using striking typography or graphic design. Even if the application itself is very low-key, if it has a memorable mobile app design it is sure to be popular with its intended users.

Balance creates the Best User Experience

The user experience of a mobile application is perhaps the most important factor that will contribute to its overall success, unless an app fulfils all the needs and requirements of its users while providing visual satisfaction, it will never be a true success. Experienced app designers know that the secret to getting the user experience right is to create a mobile app design that has an equal balance between functional and interactive elements and attractive and appealing design. When it comes to designing mobile apps that create the right user experience, the functionality and the aesthetic beauty of the application design are equally important.

Beautiful and functional mobile app design also takes into account the differences between the types of devices that will be used to browse or utilise the app. Because of the variety of different mobile devices available, a design that works well on one device may not necessarily translate well onto another. Professional app developers and designers understand the implications of these differences, and can design apps for different mobile devices accordingly. If you’d like to find out more about mobile app design services, take a look at our App Designers buyer’s area. You may also want to stay tuned for the next article in our series – What you need to know about Android Application Design – which takes a closer look at how designers and developers create successful designs for android devices.