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How To Choose A Suitable Home Air Compressor?

Whether you want to blow up a ball or a tire occasionally or you are up to for some serious long term projects, the decision of choosing an air compressor can be pretty difficult since there are so many of them available in the market. Air compressors in the UK come in two main categories including indoor and outdoor units.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Units

An indoor air compressor unit is usually portable and can be carried from one place to another easily. Indoor units are more power efficient and weigh less as compared to outdoor units which make them an ideal choice for small air blow jobs at home or in workplace. Indoor units come in different sizes and shapes; and usually need less storage space. One important thing to consider before buying an indoor unit is that they are not built for continuous operations so avoid using them over longer periods of time.

Outdoor air compressors, on the other hand, are more versatile in nature and can produce high pressures with longer operating hours. As compared to indoor units, they require larger storage space and are quite durable. Outdoor air compressors are bulky and not easily moveable. These units are suitable for a long project or a continuous air blowing job.

Operating Duration

If you are to operate your indoor or outdoor compressor for relatively longer, you might want to select a high performance or commercial air compressor device while for small home jobs, you can select a light weight indoor air compressor unit.

Operating power

The actual capacity of an air compressor is measured in horse power. As a general rule, the horse power of your indoor or outdoor air compressor should be 1.5 times the pressure required by your tools combined. If you go for less than this horse power, you might end up frustrated when all your tools are in use. If you buy a compressor with higher horse power than this, you might be wasting your money on the power that you do not actually need.

There are many brands of air compressors available in the UK. If you want to buy a suitable air compressor with the right horse power, you can contact us at ShortCut with a simple call back number and our representative will contact you for gathering the details. Once you tell us about your needs, our UK based companies will contact you with free no obligation quotes for air compressors. Try it now.